The best colognes for men in 2013

Men are always looking for attraction whether it be from their masculine looks or that smell good flavor of cologne they use.  There are many types of cologne to choose from but it becomes a trend among men to get the latest and greatest cologne on the market.  The truth is that cologne that is out dated, or a front runner is still a winner for cologne.  It doesn’t matter what brand of cologne you wear, it’s a matter of which cologne compliments you.  The best colognes for 2013 are great to choose from and many men have realized that these popular colognes are attracting people out of the woodwork.

Ordering Eros by Versace is a breeze online.  Versace has mastered the idea of power and sex with this new cologne.  Eros is great cologne and complements the mission of being the god of love.  This cologne doesn’t boast a wishy-washy cupid or cherub, but a masculine idea of love.  It is fresh scented cologne with a masculine aroma that lures you in.

Givenchy has put Gentlemen Only has already captured may celebrities to sport and show off this elegant smelling cologne.  The craftsmanship of the bottle is only the tip of the ice with this cologne.  Its craftwork only complements the sophisticated smell pouring in from Gentleman Only.

Davidoff product lines may be a running joke among the “man-field” but surprisingly enough, Davidoff got it right when they released “The Game”.  It’s a bold cologne the boasts a tough stand in the cologne arena.  The Alpha male takes the lead with The Game and is marking his territory among peers as the most masculine man in the room.

With the original Hugo Boss now 20 years old — and still going strong — there wasn’t really much call for an update. But, hey, when did that ever stop the guys at P&G from pushing another product? The scent is centered on contrasts: hot and cold, solid and liquid. And while the idea of juxtaposing contrasting accords is (somewhat ironically) rather polarizing among fragrance-philes, Red manages to fuse a cold and metallic accord (comprised of grapefruit and rhubarb) with a hot amber drydown featuring cedarwood. And, yes, Jared Leto is still the face.

Choose your cologne wisely by selecting some of the more popular colognes for men in 2013.  Whether you buy for yourself or you are buying cologne for a gift.  The colognes listed are some of the more favorable fragrances on the market.

Best Female Fragrances of 2013

Are you sick of purchasing the same fragrance every year? Or perhaps you want to surprise your partner with a fresh and alluring new aroma this holiday season. Whatever the reason if you are looking to purchase a new perfume you might need some guidance along the way. To find the perfect perfume this year check out our list of the 5 best female fragrances of 2013 below.

1. Diesel Fuel for life.

This scent has been around since 2007 but the scent still turns heads 6 years later. Unique and delicious Diesel is mixed with both floral and musk like scents to create a fragrance never before enjoyed. An added bonus to this perfume is its staying power. With one simple application you can continue to smell the scent until mid-afternoon. The scent is even more powerful if you apply the body lotion and then spray the fragrance on the skin.

2. Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere.

Nothing says sophistication quite like a bottle of Chanel No. 5. Since its creation nearly 100 years ago Chanel has been one of the top selling fragrances on the market. The perfect combination of both rose and jasmine, Chanel proves to be one of the best perfumes of 2013.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.

Aside from being a brand name fragrance this flavor is the perfect option for the casual yet classy woman. With a light and sweet finish Dolce & Gabbana will smell delicious on any woman. With a mix of musk and spice Dolce has created a scent that will last long after you’ve left.

4. Ralph Lauren Romance.

Romance is the perfect scent for an evening out. Speckled with hints of ginger, rose, and violet Romance will create a uniquely pleasant smell that makes you feel more romantic than ever. This unique blend of spices makes Romance one of the best fragrances of 2013.

5. Gucci by Gucci.

The name says it all. Gucci is a rich and luxurious scent perfect for the sensual woman in your life. With a powerful sweet honey based musk and a slightly floral fragrance this is continually one of the best perfumes of the year for women.